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Inspired by geological and biological processes, my work examines the physical nature of the landscape and it's formation.


I am originally from Durness, where the north west tip of Scotland juts out into the Atlantic towards Iceland. This wild and beautiful landscape has been a constant in my life and I feel it deeply imbedded within me. I spent five years living in Cornwall, a land of sculpted tors and great man-made clay pits, before returning north and settling in Ullapool. The unique geology, flora and fauna of my home environment is my focus.

Works are created intuitively using materials and techniques connecting me to the subject matter. I like to experiment with scale and altered perspectives; sometimes focusing on close up biological structures as well as rising up above vast aerial landscapes. Focusing closer on crystalline surfaces of granite rock there exists a microcosm of growth; lichens and mosses; descendants of cyanobacteria, some of the first living creatures on Earth. Momentary visitors; fragile moths and delicate mosses briefly make this ancient geology their home. 


I aim to create works that appear to have grown or formed naturally over time through a combination of controlled techniques and chance happenings. Materials including iron, salt crystals and verde gris are important to the process.

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